From Beethoven to Bill Evans:


by Tom Regis



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Author Tom Regis's love affair with harmony began as a child by way of his communion with the piano works of Beethoven and continued throughout his growth as a pianist and his inevitable encounter with the harmonic language of Bill Evans and other greats of jazz piano. In From Beethoven to Bill Evans: WESTERN HARMONY SIMPLIFIED, the author outlines a comprehensive system for understanding the elements and construction of harmony, and unlike other harmony/theory books, WHS never loses sight of the forest through the trees, offering a simple approach for the layman and experienced alike.   



From Beethoven to Bill Evans:


*  Explains the elements and construction of Western Harmony from basic scale structure and triads, to more advanced harmonic concepts, using a step by step approach


*  Combines the classical and jazz approaches to harmony into one unified system that focuses on the underlying simplicity of the seven note scale and its chords, and the simple tension and release mechanisms that propel chord movement


*  Is written for the layman and novice musician, as well as for the more  experienced:

 - text contains defined terms and boxed comments

- 126 clearly labeled keyboard graphics accompany the text

- an extensive appendix reviews and further details the concepts laid out in the text; appendix includes labeled staff notation examples designed for the non-reading musician


* Also includes chapters on the harmony of blues, traditional and more exploratory jazz chording, and the harmony of more esoteric styles such as folk chording and neo-soul


* Is written in an enthusiastic voice borne of author Tom Regis’s deep understanding and passion for the subject