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On these eleven solo piano recordings, Tom bridges the gap between the ambient new age piano sound that provides a gentle background, that all is well feeling, with the emotional vulnerability and complex beauty that lies at the heart of the classical and jazz piano traditions.


Other Solo Piano Excerpts

 THE COMING OF THE WORLD (piano improvisation)

For the most part, I’ve stayed away from the harsh glare of the online debates, preferring to check out the inspired music shares, laugh at rambunctious kittens, kvell over loyal canines, and buttress my faith in humanity watching kids at play.  I’ve also sensed that there’s a more vital focus than politics, that is - looking inward to open to the world beyond, a place vastly distant from where our arguments and our insistent sense of rightness dwell. I offer this piano improvisation as an expression of this journey, the search of a rumbling soul confronting the times we live in. In any event, I hope this offering can lead to some of the healing we’ve been hearing about and intuitively sensing the need for. As has been said, it starts with each of us . .

The Coming of the World, a piano improvisation I recorded in Los Angeles in 2000, consists of two parts:  a first dose, which is an introduction, a quiet knocking at the door, and then a second dose starting at about 1:30, the entryway. From there, the hope is that one’s immune system may kick in and start to receive. For those who make it through, thank you for your patience! In any event, I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to share.

Moments in Improvisation

00:00 Intro: Finding a way, cautiously approaching 

1:30 (approx) The door starts to open 

7:00 A form of settling begins, finding peace 

10:00 (approx) A reemergence of turmoil and a resolution 

11:00  A new door 

12:00 Finding bliss/ hope/ fleeting? 

14:00  Return