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. . . after many years of searching for the tropical paradise where I could live out my remaining years, I found it in Lake Worth, Florida. I settled back to enjoy the sounds and the ambience . The band is known as "AFINKA FUNK" and is led by keyboardist Tom Regis . .   To me it is all the ambience I need when the music is this good.   ALLEN KANOVSKY – JAZZ AND BLUES- FLORIDA


 . .  . I have all sorts of your songs going through my head and can't wait for the next opportunity to hear you play. Hard to put in words how much we enjoyed hearing the band, each member, and more importantly the wonderful synergy between all of you. MARILYN HADLEY – AFINKA FAN


Tom's played professionally in New York, L.A. and Tel Aviv, working with artists including Phoebe Snow, Grace Jones, Marianne Faithful, Gilberto Gil, Cheb Mami, and Johnny Clegg. He brought salsa (the music) to Israel in 1994, founding the Jerusalem Salsa Band. In 1998 he returned to L.A., spending two years in the West Coast orchestra of Celia "Queen of Salsa" Cruz. NEW TIMES MAGAZINE ARTICLE ON TOM REGIS & FRIENDS


The Jerusalem Salsa Band, under the leadership of Tom Regis, is a twelve piece orchestra which blends the traditional rhythms of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Latin America with the jazz roots of North America.  The JSB’s Monday night Tel Aviv club gig consistently draws over 300 people and in Jerusalem there’s standing room only . . LATIN BEAT MAGAZINE


Another remarkable album in the same vein is LAtino LAtino, Music from the streets of LA (produced by Tom Regis). BILLBOARD MAGAZINE  - Notas Latinas





2012 Lake Worth Street Festival (repeat in 2013)

2013 Summer Weekly performances at Havana Hideout (continuing

2013 Featured performer at Jazz on the Palm Concert Series

2014 Featured performer at Delray Beach Arts Garage

2014 Performances at Blue Jean Blues, Havana Hideout

2015 Performances at the Bamboo Room

2014-2015 Monthly performances at NYY Lounge, Coconut Creek Casino

2023 Afinka Funk Reunion at Rudy's in Lake Worth Florida